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Where Are Apps Going to Go in 2015?


Smartphones have been around in various forms since 1993 (the first one was the IBM Simon), but back then they were out of the price range of most ordinary consumers and were primarily used for business (they were also a LOT bulkier!). In 2007, however, the first iPhone changed everything, launching “the smartphone revolution”, still going today with no signs of slowing down! This revolution has precipitated the explosion in app development and sales – and it’s clear from the data that this is a high-growth sector. So, what can we expect to see happen with apps in 2015? We take a look below. Continue reading

Ten Notable Apps of 2014

With the explosion of apps in the past few years, you need to sort through a lot of dirt to find the gold! We’ve chosen a selection from the past year which drew attention for various reasons. Some offer practical solutions to a particular problem, while others are just plain entertaining. Yet more represent pure inspiration; people didn’t know they needed them until they were launched!

Below, we list some of the most significant apps of 2014, from the sensible to the frivolous or just plain cool (and even the revolutionary).

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