5 App Development Trends We’ll See In 2015

Happy new year, bottle with a message2014 is coming to a close, yet the clock doesn’t stop for the ever-evolving mobile app development space.

A ComScore report states that 60 percent of all time spent with digital media now occurs on smartphones and tablets, up from 50% only a year ago. This rise indicates that more and more people are turning to their smartphones to interact with the world, bringing the inevitable shift of digital media to mobile. Web developers are therefore constantly exploring new ways to get users engaged. With user experience being the ultimate focus, factors like how users navigate through a website, how they search and find information, how long it takes to load information and first reactions after the site loads are continually being improved on.

So what app development trends can we expect to see in 2015?

Video Integration

Videos are increasingly being watched on mobile devices, serving as an excellent platform for marketers and advertisers. The Mobile Marketing Association reports that non-skippable ads ranging from 15 to 30 seconds in length receive high completion rates, and that excessive mobile video ad frequency can reduce completion and click-through rates significantly. Businesses everywhere are acknowledging this and taking advantage to advertise and share information via mobile video.

Flat Designs – Mobile Versions for All Websites

Now more than ever, mobile strategy implementation is vital to keep companies relevant. The focus is set on sophistication and simplicity, with flat websites and applications on the rise. They look cleaner with bold lines and rich colours, making it easy for consumers to navigate and find information in a flash.

Location-based Marketing and Maps

Geo-location and geo-fencing that pinpoint users wherever they are, along with beacons and retailer-specific maps, are likely to see an upsurge in popularity in 2015. These technologies provide targeted communication and, while they have been around for some time now, marketers and vendors are improving their reach. Marketers are enhancing mobiles’ ability to collect data in big data modules and combine it in sophisticated modules that allow more relevant communication with the consumer, resulting in higher ROI. This ultimately improves user experience as well, as shoppers are able to navigate interactive maps and engage with companies on a more personal level.

More Connected Objects

Smart appliance manufacturer Nest released a smoke detector that is controlled entirely by a smartphone app; Google got wind of this and subsequently bought it up in January this year. Samsung also released a washing machine controlled by Wi-Fi recently. This sets the trend for 2015, where we’ll see a rise in more connected objects in household appliances. Companies will be keen to play with the possibilities of the ‘Internet of Things’ as technology advances further.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling gives website a definite “wow” factor. They can be useful to tell a story and add depth and movement to images. As it is a novelty, parallax scrolling helps to keep visitors engaged and on a web page longer as they browse through with curiosity.

Get ready for 2015!

With so many exciting things to anticipate in the coming year, is your company all set up and prepared for the impending step forward? Let our team at Appz bring your business to the top of the game when you engage in our services. We can take care of every step the process, from coding to effective design strategies. Make sure you’re not left behind in this rapidly evolving scene!

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