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The Rise of Digital Detoxes

digital-detoxWhen asked if they’d rather go without food or without their mobile phone, it’s common to hear people claim they’d rather starve than be deprived of their direct link to the online world. This mindset has led many to recognise the need to take breaks from our device screens, creating a relaxing space away from the stress that stems from constant use of technology.

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Where Are Apps Going to Go in 2015?


Smartphones have been around in various forms since 1993 (the first one was the IBM Simon), but back then they were out of the price range of most ordinary consumers and were primarily used for business (they were also a LOT bulkier!). In 2007, however, the first iPhone changed everything, launching “the smartphone revolution”, still going today with no signs of slowing down! This revolution has precipitated the explosion in app development and sales – and it’s clear from the data that this is a high-growth sector. So, what can we expect to see happen with apps in 2015? We take a look below. Continue reading

Ten Notable Apps of 2014

With the explosion of apps in the past few years, you need to sort through a lot of dirt to find the gold! We’ve chosen a selection from the past year which drew attention for various reasons. Some offer practical solutions to a particular problem, while others are just plain entertaining. Yet more represent pure inspiration; people didn’t know they needed them until they were launched!

Below, we list some of the most significant apps of 2014, from the sensible to the frivolous or just plain cool (and even the revolutionary).

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5 App Development Trends We’ll See In 2015

Happy new year, bottle with a message2014 is coming to a close, yet the clock doesn’t stop for the ever-evolving mobile app development space.

A ComScore report states that 60 percent of all time spent with digital media now occurs on smartphones and tablets, up from 50% only a year ago. This rise indicates that more and more people are turning to their smartphones to interact with the world, bringing the inevitable shift of digital media to mobile. Web developers are therefore constantly exploring new ways to get users engaged. With user experience being the ultimate focus, factors like how users navigate through a website, how they search and find information, how long it takes to load information and first reactions after the site loads are continually being improved on.

So what app development trends can we expect to see in 2015?

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Five Apps That Will Make the World a Better Place

Community in worl wide web custom smart phone concept

When it comes to improving ourselves and the environment that we live in, there is never a shortage of things that we can do. We can certainly put our own individual efforts in place, but we can also be guided by these apps that can make the process fun and social, on top of being easy to track. Here are some apps that aim to promote a better world for both people and the planet.

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What We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian About Successful App Development

Beautiful girl using her mobile phone in cafe.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on tech news, you probably won’t be surprised by the above headline. It’s fairly well-known that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (KK:H), became the surprise hit app of 2014. Estimated to reach an overall revenue of $200 million in the space of a year, and with a 4.3 star rating on the Google Play store from over 300,000 reviews, it’s clear that this game is making the punters happy. So what can app developers take away from this?

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4 Easy Ways to Make Money from Free Apps

smartphone  with bar chart.There’s nothing like the excitement of releasing an app, signalling the moment you can finally stop spending money and begin making a profit. But before this can happen, you’ll need to decide on how you’re going to monetise your app. While some choose to charge an initial purchase fee, more people are opting to release free apps that rely on other methods to draw in revenue, with great success. In fact, many of the apps currently grossing the highest amounts of profit are released for free! Find out how you too can obtain success and make money from a free app with this quick guide.

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What to Bring to Your First App Development Meeting

app-first-meetingSo, you’ve finally taken the first step towards creating the app you’ve always wanted. The next step is to attend your first meeting with us! This gives us the chance to get to know you and your app idea, and lets us talk you through the process of app development. While you may be feeling overwhelmed or daunted, there’s nothing to fear! The best thing you can do is to come into the meeting prepared. Here’s a brief list of things we suggest to bring to your first app development meeting.

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