*** #1 Speed Reading app in the iTunes Store ***
By repeatedly doing the RapidReading drills, each requiring only around 10 minutes of your time, you can double, triple, and even quadruple your current reading rate.



Print your Instagram photos. Easy photo upload from iPhone and iPad album (Please use WiFi for faster upload or our website for large orders).


Track Buddy

The Track Buddy App is designed for coaches, athletes and fans of track and field. The application has a metric conversion chart for the field events and a stopwatch with lap splits. The application is also has a complete score tracker for combined events.



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Need to make a fast decision? Want answers to your burning questions? Get instant help whenever you need it, wherever you are. You’ll likely make 35,000 decisions today… make them easier with Deciderr.



Get Connected is the free, confidential helpline for young people under 25 in the UK who need help but don’t know where to find it. This app gives you instant access to help for any issue you may be dealing with.



Come and hang out with our little birdies in our little corner of craziness. Our birds spend hours sitting around minding their own business, until you come along and cause musical mayhem with your electricity bolt.



Inkvite is the new way to tell stories and create them with your friends. Set a genre for your story, give it a title and start writing! Write alone or collaborate with others turn by turn and publish your story when you’ve finished.


Campaign for Wool

The Wool House app is a beautiful educational app with rich images and video. Styled to give the app great usability within the limited time that it would be viewed in the exhibition; an event located at Somerset House, London.