5 Top Tips for Promoting Your App


Once your app is ready to be launched into the wild, it’s essential to consider effective methods of promotion. Promoting your app will attract users you may not otherwise have reached, contributing to its overall success. Here are five of the easiest ways to promote your app and ensure it’s a hit.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media networks are a brilliant form of promotion and, best of all, they can attract attention for your app at no cost at all! Simply sharing the link to your app with your own family and friends can be enough to launch an app to a larger audience, and they may then choose to share it with their own friends, starting a chain reaction. If you want to target an even larger audience, you can also use paid advertising on sites such as Facebook to get the word out.

Reach Out to App Review Websites

If you need to reach more people, approaching an app review website or a blog that relates to your app can result in a free shout out. These websites may be only too happy to review your app and post their findings on their site, exposing your app to thousands of potential users. You can even offer interviews with sites to show people the face behind the app, giving them a better insight into the ideas behind it and getting them interested in trying it out themselves.

Run a Contest

Sometimes people need an incentive to download an app and in this case, a competition or contest is the perfect motivator. In addition to drawing initial attention to the app, a contest can encourage people to download it and interact with it, particularly if the competition can only be entered through the downloaded app itself. The prizes on offer can range from items and cash, to things that won’t cost you anything but are still valuable, such as the winner getting to design or name a character in your app if it’s a game, or gaining free lifetime access if it’s an app with a subscription.

Encourage Users to Share

One of the easiest ways of spreading the word about your app is for your happy users to put out a good word. All this requires is a simple prompt within the app, such as a pop-up that appears after a week asking them to share the app if they’re enjoying it. Links to Facebook and Twitter can also be implemented within the app to make it easier to share on these platforms. The best part is if users really love your app, they won’t just share it, but will give a glowing commendation.

Create a Website

A great way to drum up extra interest in your app is to create a website that advertises it. The content on this site can list the features of your app, as well as positive reviews and links to app stores where it can be purchased. The website can even be shared before the app is even released, with a form asking users to enter their email addresses to stay updated about the app’s progress. This is fantastic for building up a dedicated database of interested users who’ll be ready to download your app as soon as it’s launched.

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